If you were one of the people who did a little Christmas shopping online during Cyber Monday, you will soon more than likely have a package, or maybe a number of packages arriving on your doorstep.

The Sioux Falls Police Department has a few tips for online shoppers to ensure those packages end up under your tree and not someone else's this Christmas.

With the online Christmas shopping season in full swing, KSFY TV is reporting that porch theft is once again a big problem in the nation. New research shows that 36 percent of Americans had packages stolen from their front porch in 2018 and 31 percent in 2017.

If you haven't fallen victim yet to a porch pirate, it's likely to happen in the near future, especially if you end up making a large number of online purchases that end up being delivered to your home when no one is around to receive them.

According to KSFY, the Sioux Falls PD has received a number of calls over the past few weeks regarding porch theft. The number of theft reports are sure to increase as the holidays draw closer.

The best way to thwart someone from doing a little Christmas shopping off your front doorstep is try to have someone at home, on the day your online purchase is set arrive. If that is not possible, consider having your purchase delivered to your workplace instead.

Sergeant Aaron Benson, with the Sioux Falls police department, told KSFY, a number of people have also begun to utilize camera systems at their home. Using a camera system really helps to aid police with their investigation.

Police highly recommend that online shoppers keep track of a VIN or serial number to help track items in the event of porch theft.

Source: KSFY TV

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