Living in Sioux Falls is one of the great pleasures of my life. Any amenity you can imagine has become available here, or will very soon.

We have an amazing park system, burgeoning bike trails, shopping and dining options too numerous to count, a vibrant downtown area, a thriving music and theater scene, professional sports teams to root for - the list is too long to go on.

I think at times we Sioux Falls residents forget there is whole state outside of our city, unless something which happens elsewhere ends up on Sioux Falls radar. It is likely one of the reasons for that "west river vs. east river" friction.

It has always been said that Sioux Falls is a great place to live, work and raise a family. I believe that is still true and yet as our city continues to grow exponentially, so do the issues associated with that expansion. If you believe the latest WalletHub study on the "Safest States in America" apparently we've got work to do, statewide.

South Dakota (according to this study) is one of the least safe states in the United States. In fact the only area where South Dakota fared well was the financial safety category. This section measures employment, poverty, bankruptcy, and foreclosure rates, as well as credit scores, job security, number of people lacking health insurance and more.

The other sections where our fair state didn't do so well, included: personal, residential, workplace, and road safety, along with emergency preparedness. That took into account all kinds of crime, driving and pedestrian accidents, workplace injuries and illnesses, and climate or weather disasters. Even bullying incidents got a good long look in this study.

To see the complete study and find out who has even more safety issues than South Dakota check out WalletHub online.

Source: WalletHub

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