It may not be a glamorous job but a garbage truck driver is worth every amount they get paid and more. Especially knowing the alternative right? Hauling your own waste to the landfill is not on my weekly honey-do-list so thank you.

Here in Sioux Falls, there are a number of trash haulers, around a dozen. Prices vary but for the most part, their services are quite similar. They collect general trash, recycles and some also take yard waste. If you have residential service most likely it's weekly.

So what would it be like to be that person who drives those monster trucks? For one thing, you get to drive from the right side of the vehicle if it’s one of the recycle trucks. And the average salary according to an October 2020 report from, is about $36,000 annually. That's all depending on your location and years of experience. The median salary here in Sioux Falls is $37,852.

Here’s one other bit of information. Did you know that a garbage truck can cost more than $500,000? Wow!

If you are new to the area remember per the City of Sioux Falls all residents are instructed to place their garbage receptacles near the street on pickup day.

And if you live in an apartment complex where the dumpster is always overflowing just pick up the phone and call the name on the dumpster or the City of Sioux Falls. Better yet, snap a photo and send it.

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