What's the average cost of a used car in South Dakota?


Rising inflation has the price of almost everything going up these days. Tell me something I didn't already know, right?

You name it, chances are you're paying more, a lot more for it in 2022!

One thing that has really skyrocketed in price is cars. Both new and used.

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Sure, a person can make out like a bandit selling their car right now. I know a number of people that have made serious bank selling a vehicle over the past few months. The problem is, good luck trying to find another car to replace it with at a reasonable price. Often times you end up spending all the profit you made, and even more trying to replace the car you just sold. And that's providing you can even find another car, especially a brand new vehicle thanks to the microchip shortage that is expected to continue for the remainder of 2022.

Fox5 in San Diego is reporting the average price for used cars according to data used from iSeeCars.com is up 36.9 percent in the nation since the start of 2022. If you compare that price to the same time last year, it's a price hike of over $9,400!

What's the average cost of a used car in South Dakota?

iSeeCars.com data says it's a whopping $36,369! Of the 50 states, South Dakota ranked the 44th highest in the country in terms of used car prices to kick off the year. We South Dakotans are paying roughly 36.1% more for used cars right now compared to this same period last year.

If you think that's a lot, be thankful you're not living in the other Dakota. Our friends up North are experiencing the greatest used car price increase in the nation. Since the beginning of 2022, the average North Dakotan is paying 43.5 percent more for their used cars than they were at this time in 2021. If you're wondering, that equates to an $11,413 price hike! And that my friend, is some serious coin!

What is the most expensive used car in South Dakota right now?

Nissan Rogue
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Believe it or not, it's the Nissan Rogue. According to Fatherly.com. the average used Nissan Rogue has increased in cost by 47.7% so far in 2022.

Where can you find the cheapest used car prices in the country?

You'll need to road trip to Connecticut. At the start of 2022, the average used car price in the constitution state was $30,652 according to data from iSeeCars.com.

Source: Fox5/iSeeCars.com/Fatherly.com


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I don't much attention to the price of gas. Admittedly I do not work in a field that directly relies on equipment that takes gallons and gallons of gas. But, as an average car driver, I'm just going to pay whatever it costs. 

It's not that I don't care, I just know I don't have a choice. I'm going to need gas, so I'm going to pay whatever they charge. Kids gotta get to school and I gotta get to work. The only real choice is to drive or not to drive. Walking the ten-mile round trip to work every day is impractical, especially during one of South Dakota's patented six-month winters. 

Besides being low-key annoying, complaining about the price of gas is dumb because I remember things. Like that the price of gas has been up and down for at least 20 years. 2021 is no better or worse than 2003. It takes at least $40 to fill my tank this year just like it did in 2017.

But, why not dig into the photo archives and find some proof of memory. Because news stories about gas prices are the pointless small talk of journalism, there are lots of pictures of gas station signs from the last couple of decades. 

Starting in 2000 we can see that rise and fall of gas prices in the United States. World events, natural disasters, and economic changes all affect the price. And all through those years, I paid what was charged. 


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