The Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department released a notice that with river water levels remaining elevated, and in preparation for anticipated snowmelt increasing river flow rates coming into Sioux Falls, Parks and Recreation Director Don Kearney has closed Falls Park and other area parks.

Here is a complete list of the parks currently closed due to current or potential flooding:

  • Legacy Park
  • Falls Park
  • Dunham Park
  • Yankton Trail Park
  • Tomar Park
  • Spencer Park
  • Lower Tuthill Park
  • Pasley Park
  • Norlin Greenway
  • Rotary Park
  • Riverdale Park
  • Cherry Rock Park
  • River Boulevard Greenway
  • Beadle Greenway
  • Nelson Greenway
  • Fawick Park
  • Downtown River Greenway

Barricades have been placed at the entrances of all these city parks and a fine of $122 imposed for anyone who goes around those barricades.

Apparently, some people just don't understand those are there for their safety. Sioux Falls Police spokesman Sam Clemens reported that as of Wednesday 19 people have been issued tickets and will have to pay the $122 fine.

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