I have heard about Costco's generous return policy. Apparently, a woman in Santa Clara, California was aware of it too and without hesitation or hint of conscience made the decision to return her Christmas tree for a refund.

Yes it was a live tree (at least through the Christmas season) not an artificial tree. Her contention was that it was now dead, had not remained as fresh as promised and dragged the big, spiny, needle-dropper back into the store's customer service area and demanded her money back.

A person who saw the incident took the woman's picture (NOTE: The original Facebook post is no longer available, but just Google it - you'll find it), posted the story on Facebook and even called her out verbally, all to no avail. The Costco customer service reps did not want to give her a refund, did do a bit of shaming, but eventually gave the imbecile her money back.

Other Costco employees chimed in on the Facebook post saying that people do this all the time and quite often do not even bother to bring in the tree! A Reddit post had a plethora of other items which have been returned for refunds.

This is extremely sad, proof positive, that many people have no shame whatsoever and another sign that our society continues to breakdown in fundamental ways. Is it just me? I simply cannot understand this kind of behavior.

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