If you're your own boss and you want to make sure you achieve your goals, the secret may be hiring - a boss, and that's where a new service comes into play. The service is called "Boss As a Service."

How it works is you send them your "To Do" list and they'll harp on you and bug you until you send them proof that you actually completed the task.

If you're wondering what the cost of a service like this is, it's $25 a month if you're a "Starter Procrastinator" or $60 for three months if you're a "Pro Procrastinator."

Those who subscribe to the service say it works because, "They have pleasant but hard nosed, living, breathing humans who check to make sure your work is really done."

And you gotta love their selling line, "You'll become so ridiculously productive that you may possibly win the Nobel Prize."


So, if I understand this right - I hire someone to be the boss of me even though that's why I went into business in the first place - so I wouldn't have to work for someone else.

Thank you but I already have a boss. I call her MY WIFE!

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