If you had to take a guess, how happy do you think the average South Dakotan is?

Well, after last night's Minnesota Viking's loss, probably not very, I'm guessing.

But, when you stop and think about it, we should be a pretty damn happy bunch most of the time. After all, we get to live in a state that is for the most part nonsense free, during a time when there sure seems to be a whole lot of nonsense going around.

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Sure, you're gonna run into a few frowns on people's faces in South Dakota from time to time, especially during the cold weather months. And during those years when Ma Nature is still making you break out your snow blower in late April. But generally speaking, outside of that, one would think we should be a fairly happy bunch.

The folks at WalletHub just released the findings of a study they conducted on the Happiest States in the Nation, and quite honestly, I was a little surprised where South Dakota ranked. More on that in just a moment.

According to WalletHub's findings, the people of Utah are the happiest group in the nation. Evidently the Beehive State is abuzz with joy these days. They rank #1 in the nation with an overall happiness score of 69.79.

You're gonna run into the most bad moods when you visit the folks in West Virginia. There happiness score was a lowly 35.08. They really need to work on turning those frowns upside down in the Mountain State.

So what about South Dakota you ask?

The study showed that we are one of the Top 20 happiest states in the nation. South Dakota ranks #18 on WalletHub's list. Meaning we're just a tick above average. We're not as happy as our friends up in North Dakotan who rank #13, and the gang over in Minnesota who believe it or not, sit all the way up at #4 on the list. (Who knew that living in the land of 10,000 taxes could make a person so happy.)

Basically it means the average South Dakotan is smiling most of the time, we're just not overly elated.

According to WalletHub, here is where the residents of South Dakota score the best when it comes to moving the old happy meter. We have the 4th lowest Share of Adult Depression in the nation. We score the 5th highest when it comes to getting Adequate Sleep each night. We tie for 1st when it comes to having the Lowest Long-term Unemployment Rates, and we are the 5th highest state in the nation when it comes to folks who love to help others and Volunteer.

So, to take a tip from singer, song writer Bobby McFerrin, "Don't Worry My Fellow South Dakotans, Be Happy!"  And remember as Wet Willie would say "Just Keep on Smiling!"

Source: WalletHub

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