This is a much different looking back-to-school season than we've ever seen. But if there is a bright spot in so much uncertainty, it is that thanks to the onset of school and the close proximity to Labor Day, there are a lot of sales out there according to Consumer Reports.

Tech devices which are in big demand all of the time are particularly good buys because of the back-to-school connection.

  • Headphones - Whether you're a student or just someone who's a music or podcast fiend, now could be the time to get exactly what you want. Whether you want to go wireless, prefer over the ears, or even noise-canceling headphones, you should be able to find something you'll like at a savings. Research volume, noise cancelation, sound quality, and battery life, before you go shopping for the phones of your dreams.
  • Laptops and Computers - Another twist in the pandemic back-to-school saga is the need for some school districts to continue with distance learning. For that very reason alone, you should be able to find deeply discounted products, whether you're looking for laptops or desktops, Macs or PCs, and also tablets. Once again do your homework and determine which features you want and need, compare things like size, weight, storage capability, battery life, etc.
  • Wireless routers - Whether you need a reliable internet connection to assure your kids get their homework done or just want to be able to work, stream, and play online uninterrupted, a good router can boost your signal and eliminate dead spots in your home. Research is the key here too. Consider ease of setup, cybersecurity issues, and the size of your home when choosing one.

You can see a complete list of the numerous other home items on sale during August at Consumer Reports.

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