According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), 60% of people will begin their holiday shopping this month. If you're one of them, the good news is you're going to find deep discounts on lots of items on your list. You could even buy the stuff you want for yourself without relying on forgetful family members!

I remember the year Ben bought his wife a blender for Christmas. I told him he was nuts. He said she wanted one. I said even if she did, don't make it a gift for Christmas. He didn't listen to me. He stood in that return line for a long time.

That being said, if and only if kitchen appliances are on your loved one's list, everything from coffee makers to cookware, fridges, ranges, dishwashers, and yes, blenders, are all on deep discount this month.

Staying in the appliance lane, washers, dryers, and vacuum cleaners are good buys right now too. Mattresses are still on sale at decent prices as people spruce their homes for holiday guests.

The biggest and most popular category of holiday goodies, electronics, has healthy discounts to offer on TVs, headphones, smart and wireless speakers, fitness trackers and smartwatches, laptops and printers and more!

Holiday sales have always tended to kickoff on Veteran's Day and continue through Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But as you have seen, numerous retailers have already released their sales information for Black Friday and offer big savings almost year-round on certain items.

You just need to do your homework and be a savvy shopper, which for me means always checking in with Consumer Reports first and then shop around.

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