The kids are back in school, the official start of the fall season is just around the corner. Now you'll have a bit more time to dedicate to sprucing up your indoor and outdoor environments. So it's fortuitous that some of the products you may need for those chores are on sale this month.

Consumer Reports tracks the cost of products they test throughout the year, so they can tell you when you'll get the best prices on items you may want and/or need. During September, these products are deeply discounted.

  • Lawncare Equipment - If your mower's on its last legs, or you need a new leaf blower, start shopping. You can find some very good prices on these items. If, however,  you're looking for particular options, you may end up spending a bit more.
  • Gas grills - If yours took a beating in the recent storms, or it is simply time for a replacement, again, this is a good time to be looking.
  • Windows - Winter will soon be sending shivers down your spine, especially if you have a lot of drafts coming in the window. Yes, windows can be extremely expensive, so get bids from multiple contractors and if your window frames are still in good shape, opt for "pocket replacements". These will save you money on materials and labor.
  • Air purifiers - These can make your indoor environment a lot more pleasant, less dusty and if you live with people who struggle with allergies, they can make a big difference.
  • Laundry appliances - Washers and dryers, depending on your needs can be found in every price range. Top loaders are generally less expensive and wash more quickly, but front loaders are gentler to clothing and clean better. Electric dryers are generally more popular than gas versions, but they are comparable in performance.
  • Kitchen appliances - Dishwashers and ranges are both good buys this month. Again it is a matter of what you want and what you need.

For more information on these and many other products, see Consumer Reports.

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