The major Snow Job, Mother Nature has dumped on the Sioux Empire over the past 48 hours has many Sioux Falls residents asking one question, where's the plow?

The answer is, it's coming soon.

Sioux Falls street crews continue to work around the clock clearing emergency and secondary routes in the city.

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As luck has it, the winds are going to pick up over the next couple of days, and with the volume of snow, we have received thanks to this major winter weather event, blowing and drifting snow will make just keeping the emergency routes open a big challenge the next few days.

Sioux Falls plow operator, John Hoing told Dakota News Now, keeping the emergency routes open for first responders has been and will continue to be the priority.

According to Hoing, “All of our emergency routes connect up with fire stations and things like that so the first responders can get to where they need to go or at least close to the situation.”

This snow removal undertaking within Sioux Falls has been a team effort. The city has a number of different departments helping to haul the snow that has been plowed.

I'm sure most residents can relate. Just attempting to find a place to stack snow right now is rapidly becoming a challenge here in Sioux Falls and throughout the region.

What is needed right now from everyone is patience. The plow divers are working tirelessly to get the job done. They will get to your neighborhood soon.

What's the plan for the plows?

The city of Sioux Falls declared a Snow Alert for the city as of 7:30 AM on Tuesday (January 3).

The city shifted its snow removal attention to Zone 3 as of Tuesday night. Vehicles in Zone 3 are now subjected to ticket and towing.

Snow removal also got underway in Zone 2 on Wednesday morning at 8:00 AM. According to the city of Sioux Falls, all vehicles parked on north/south streets in Zone 2 are subject to ticketing and towing until streets have been plowed or until 5 PM whichever is earlier.

Plowing of east/west streets in Zone 2 will begin at 8 PM on Wednesday, January 4.  Once again, all vehicles parked on east/west streets are subject to ticketing and towing until streets have been plowed or until 5 AM, whichever is earlier.

Things start up in Zone 1 on Friday, January 6. All vehicles parked in Zone 1 will be subject to ticketing and towing between the hours of 1 AM and 6 AM on Friday, January 6. Vehicles parked in Zone 1 will also be subjected to ticketing and towing until the streets are cleared.

Here is a city map that helps to explain the various zones throughout the city:

Sioux Falls City Snow Removal Zones
City of Sioux Falls

Remember that during a Snow Alert, parking is prohibited in the downtown area between 1 AM and 6 AM.

The city also provides its residents with up-to-date snow information at

You can also sign up for email/text snow alert notifications by texting SNOWALERT to 888777, or visiting the website to sign up for email notifications.

Source: Dakota News Now/City of Sioux Falls

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