When you begin thinking about the Old West in South Dakota, you're probably more inclined to think about Deadwood, Lead, or Custer than the actual oldest city in our state.

I haven't been there since a college theater tour took us there in the 70s. We ate at a restaurant that had the biggest steaks and the best pies ever. Everyone should visit your state's oldest town at least once. Don't you think?

Fort Pierre was established as a fur trading post way back in 1817 and therefore became the oldest town in our state.

Map of Fort Pierre and Pierre South Dakota
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As you can see, Fort Pierre is just across the Missouri River from our state capital, Pierre.

Its storied history goes back much farther than 1817 however. Back in 1742, two French brothers were the first Europeans to explore the Great Plains, including South Dakota, claiming the area for France. The South Dakota territory was part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 when the U.S. bought the entire area from France for $15 million.

Then in 1804 Lewis & Clark made their first mentions of what would eventually become South Dakota.

Numerous museums, shops, and restaurants greet you in this historic oldest city in South Dakota and make it worth a road trip from Sioux Falls, or any other South Dakota town!

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