UPDATE: 8/19/2021 - T-Mobile said it will offer two years of free identity protection services to those affected.

While T-Mobile is trying to build the biggest 5G network on the planet, they've got another problem they must deal with - and quickly. Apparently, hackers were just as busy and successfully broke into the network and compromised the data of over 100 million customers.

According to Wired, the hacker's first order of illegal business is to sell information from a portion of the infected customers for about 6 bitcoin. With T-Mobile acknowledging the hack had indeed occurred, what did the hackers actually get?
Social Security Number
Driver's License Information
Your Phone's IMEI Number (your phone's unique code)

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Here are three actions you can take if you believe your information has been compromised:

1. Do not reply to any special offers or upgrades you may receive by text. Call your cell service provider directly to upgrade.
2. Update your password immediately.
3. Reset your unique PIN number now.

It's also not a bad idea to have some sort of credit monitoring service or any identity theft protection.

Sprint was bought out by T-Mobile earlier this year so Sprint is involved, too.

T-Mobile promises a deep-dive investigation into the incident.

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