If you have an iPhone or iPad you may want to take action and update your device very soon. In a rare admission from Apple, who pride themselves on bulletproof security, has said in a statement that users may be under attack by hackers.

In short, update to iOS 14.4 by going into your device settings. According to TechCrunch, the update will provide three security fixes that may have been exploited. A spokesperson for Apple did not give specifics on the possible attack but did say that the three bugs that have affected iPhones and iPads "may have been exploited."

This morning (1/27/2021) CNN ran with the headline, "You Should Update Your iPhone Right Now" prompting many to do so.

In a family note, we have a MacBook Pro and 3 iPhones and we've updated all of them as per Apple's suggestion. Simply go into "Settings" / "General" / "Software Updates."

Apple declined to say more but says more information will be available soon.

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