If your 4th of July weekend involves camping at one of the beautiful South Dakota State Parks or other camping destination, you may want to read this. It's 41 creative camping hacks that will make roughing it, not so rough.

From food prep to storage to how to keep the bugs away, these are awesome ideas that will make your camping trip more relaxing.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Add a small bundle of sage to your campfire or fire pit to keep the bugs away.
  2. Reinvent the s'more. Twist open an Oreo and put in melted chocolate and a roasted marshmallow. Sugar high!
  3. That Jiffy Pop you make over your stove top at home can also be used over a campfire.
  4. When the kids are bundled up in their bunks, the grown ups get to let loose. Try Bailey's dipped toasted marshmallows or flaming jello shots.
  5. Pre-make your food and vacuum seal it.
  6. Tired of hitting your head on the camper awning? It won't hurt so bad when you slit a foam swim noodle and slip it over the awning struts.
  7. Instead of taking a couple dozen eggs along, which takes up a ton of space, break the eggs into an empty water bottle and put the lid on. Each 16 ounce water bottle will hold 8-9 eggs and will take up a fraction of the space.
  8. Corn chips are a great snack, but can also be used as kindling when starting a fire.
  9. No more ants at your picnic. Pick up a container of instant grits and then sprinkle it around your campsite. It will help keep the ants away.
  10. Don't let the mosquitoes ruin your camping trip. Johnson's Baby creamy oil makes a great, effective insect repellent and you don't have to worry about all those bad chemicals from a regular bug repellent.

See the rest of the 41 Genius Camping Hacks here.

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