While the investigation continues into the death of Melissa Peskey, the Sioux Falls realtor and mother of two that was shot and killed along Interstate 70 on Thursday, (December 13), family and friends are remembering her and mourning her death.

KSFY TV reports that Peskey was found on Thursday night in her car after a crash on Interstate 70 near Boonville, Missouri. With her inside the vehicle at the time of her death were her two children. Both kids were not injured during the incident.

Police told KSFY that Peskey was shot and killed in her car before it crashed. At this time, authorities are trying to find the person, or persons responsible for Peskey's death and as of right now do not have anyone in custody.

As you might imagine, family and friends are in shock over the news of Peskey's death.

As they wait on further details from the investigation, family, friends, and co-workers have turned their attention to helping Melissa's family going forward.

Ned Hodgson, a friend of the family, told KSFY that he has set up a Go-Fund-Me page to help out the Peskey family during this difficult time.

Hodgson said, "Of course there's a lot of costs being accrued with this process family, funeral expenses, we have to think school, we have to think Christmas presents, we have to think all those other things that we don't even know about. Money collected will go to hopefully give the family a piece of mind."

If you would like to donate to the Peskey family during this heart-wrenching tragedy, you can find the Go-Fund-Me page here.

And should you have any information that would aid authorities in their search for Peskey's killer, you're asked to please contact the Missouri Highway Patrol, at 573-751-1000.

Source: KSFY TV

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