Another big snowstorm is heading our way. According to the National Weather Service, we'll see drizzle and freezing drizzle Monday (December 12) afternoon and night. Your Tuesday (December 13) morning commute could be a little dicey. On Tuesday, expect rain, snow, freezing rain, and wind. That's the official forecast.

That forecast is pretty boring compared to Canadian amateur weatherman Frankie MacDonald:

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Frankie Says 'Be Prepared for Massive Winter Storm in South Dakota'

Frankie has been keeping us updated on severe weather for several years with his YouTube videos. Whether it's rain or snow, Frankie gathers the information needed to warn us of treacherous weather heading our way.

Not only does Frankie give us the latest weather updates, but he also provides us with tips to keep us prepared and safe.

If you're a Coke, Pepsi, or tea drinker, you'll want to listen to Frankie's forecast. He has all the things necessary to be prepared for the 'massive winter storm' heading our way.

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