While the Sioux Falls area has seen a little bit of precipitation recently, a large part of the state is still extremely dry, and that's forcing the South Dakota State Fire Marshal to sound the alarm when it comes to shooting fireworks on and around the Fourth of July.

KDLT News is reporting State Fire Marshal Paul Merriman, is concerned about the dry conditions in most of South Dakota. The lack of precipitation throughout the state means there's a higher risk this year of starting unintentional fires as a result of shooting fireworks.

Starting Tuesday (June 27) through July 5, South Dakota residents can begin to purchase fireworks. Residents have until July 9 to legally shoot them off.

Merriman reminds South Dakotans to please be careful with their fireworks during that time. The misuse of fireworks can quickly lead to injuries and unintentional fires.

Merriman told KDLT News that people also need to be aware that individual cities throughout South Dakota can adopt their own limitations on fireworks, that may differ and in some cases be stricter than the state’s overall policy on pyrotechnics.

That's why it's always important, regardless if the ground is wet or dry to practice fireworks safety. So again this year, please remember to use your fireworks smartly and safely.

Source: KDLT TV

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