It only makes sense that a company which produces stuffing would come up with the ultimate Thanksgiving Day attire. Stove Top Stuffing is selling stretchy, Thanksgiving dinner pants, perfect for that post-Thanksgiving dinner "couch slouch", "recliner respite" or "carpet catnap"!

The unisex maroon pants have an elastic waistband with a stuffing image to cover your temporary "food baby belly" and extra large pockets (to stuff with whatever snacks you may need later). They're only $19.98 with shipping and handling included.

Unbelievably, these Stove Top Thanksgiving Dinner pants only come in sizes up to extra large. I mean, come on, who are they kidding! But the really cool thing is, they're donating $10,000 from the pants proceeds to Feeding America (the parent organization of Feeding South Dakota).

The website indicates they're available through November 31, (while supplies last) but something tells me they'll be gone long before that. I had trouble even getting on the website and as far as trying to purchase the pants- - fuhgeddaboudit! So good luck and great eating!

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