Two Dakota businesses are stepping up to the plate to help federal workers in the midst of the government shutdown.

KSFY TV is reporting First Dakota National Bank, and Feeding South Dakota are planning to help the families of federal employees that are not receiving paychecks during the shutdown.

The government shutdown, now over a month long, is affecting federal workers all over the country. Two South Dakota businesses want the struggling here in the state to know they can turn to them for help.

According to KSFY, First Dakota National Bank is setting aside $5,000,000 for loans to federal employees who have not received their paychecks. The bank is prepared to provide government workers an interest free loan, that has no fees. Federal workers can stop into any First Dakota National Bank location to receive more information.

First Dakota National Bank CEO, Larry Ness told KSFY, "Well the stress people go through when they don't have a paycheck is not a good thing. It's tough on them, tough on families. I think we've all been in a situation in life where we needed help from somebody. There are people in our community, we live here, we work here. People that are going to be suffering or are suffering and if we can help them that's good for our community."

Feeding South Dakota is also preparing to help the families of government workers here in the state. Feeding South Dakota, together with other food banks in the feeding America network are here to help the families of federal employees during the shutdown.

Feeding South Dakota CEO, Matt Gassen told KSFY, "We're going to be one of 200 food banks lending a hand." Feeding South Dakota will continue to serve those who already use their services and the federal workers who are being affected by the shutdown.

Gassen said, "We're here for you as we've always been for 40 years.” He told KSFY, there’s going to be a point where they might have to reach out to donor partners to ask for help to help with hunger nationwide.

Right now, the hope is that the current shutdown ends fairly quickly and it doesn't linger on for potentially months upon months. But since none of us know for sure how long the shutdown will last, First Dakota National Bank and Feeding South Dakota both ask for your patience while they try to provide what they can for those affected in South Dakota.

Source: KSFY TV

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