February is traditionally one of the snowiest months here in South Dakota. Writing this article during our current blizzard warning is simply confirmation of this fact. Thankfully one of the items which can make a snowy month more bearable is a snowblower, and according to Consumer Reports (CR), they are deeply discounted this month.

They are available in electric and gas-powered versions, from as little as $200 to way over $1000. But CR advises that some smaller, well-designed machines actually "outperform more powerful ones". So as always, it's a matter of what you need and what you want.

If you're not out clearing snow, perhaps you're using the winter months to spruce up your interior environment. In that case, there's even more good news; interior paint, dehumidifiers, and mattresses are all on sale this month.

Even if you don't want to paint right now, it is still a good time to find great deals on the paint you want to use, when you're ready to begin. CR also advises that the best-performing paints "aren't always the most expensive" either.

If dry skin, chapped lips, and sore throats are dogging you and your loved ones, the addition of a reasonably priced humidifier to your home, could be the answer. "The three main types—tabletop, console, and in-duct—involve trade-offs in efficiency, noise, and convenience".

Finally, mattresses can be a really good buy in the month of February, if you're making the effort to "cozy up" your sleeping space this winter. CR advises that you may not need to replace your box spring either, even if the stores you're shopping recommend it.

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