Talon Sei is a “YouTube Creator” who is apparently traveling through each state in his van/camper. In a recent video, he posted he described his visit to North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska as a "Fail".

On the day he is traveling through South Dakota he hit some foggy, rainy, snowy weather. Of course, when it's January in the Black Hills you have a pretty good chance of hitting some bad weather. I'm guessing he didn't research "South Dakota in the winter"?

At about 6:35 in the video, the dude states that the weather isn't getting any better and says, “There is still a lot of fog and a lot of low lying clouds, which means I might not see Mount Rushmore today. I'm gonna go. I'm gonna try to see it. If I don't see it because of the weather then it is what it is...it's not that exciting anyway.” Really?

So he drives out of Rapid City and up to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Once he gets there it's still foggy and “the lady at the counter” informs him that he won't be able to see it...because of the fog. No duh dude.

So after spending 2 minutes at Mount Rushmore he heads back to his van. He mumbles that he was planning on spending the night in the Black Hills but because the weather “is what it is” he heads south to Nebraska.

The dude says he could go visit the Badlands but with the visibility being crappy he's not going to bother.

Your loss dude. If I were going to travel the United States to experience sights, history, and culture I think I would:

1st-Get off the interstate
2nd-Allow for more time
3rd-Check a weather forecast.

What a waste of a trip. He didn't even hit Wall Drug. The Jack-A-Lop probably would have harshed his mellow.

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