I love German Shepherds! It was the only dog our family had owned until my little sister broke tradition about 3 years ago and got herself a gigantic Newfie, (yeah, because German Shepherds just aren't big enough!).

Between my parents, myself and my sisters we have shared our lives with 9 German Shepherds. With only one exception (that was my  dearly departed boy, Zeus, who was 5 when I adopted him) they were all family members from puppyhood through the end of their lives.

They're smart, fiercely loyal, loving dogs with a keen sense of protection and very in tune with human emotion. They can also be immensely playful and in my Bella's case, goofily naughty.

When I saw the wonderful commercial (above) for the first time, I laughed out loud and hopefully you will too. You indeed, do not want to run into these pups when they're on the job. That could be seen as what has been referred to a a "career-limiting move".

Happy Howl-idays from some really cute pups!

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