It took a bit for the City of Sioux Falls to get this one sorted out, but now a downtown ugly duckling is getting a kind of makeover.

According to Pigeon605, an agreement has been reached and now a beautiful mural will cover one of the imposing and less-than-attractive walls of the parking ramp on 10th Street east of Phillips Avenue.

Sioux Falls artist Walter Portz has been commissioned to paint a bright, colorful mural that will remain on the parking ramp until further development is agreed upon in the future. Portz is the same artist who painted the Levitt at the Falls mural earlier this year.

rendering of Walter Portz mural
Courtesy Pigeon605 and Canva

Matt Paulson from Marketbeat is the donor who is making this art installation possible.

We are really excited that Walter Portz is going to paint the mural because he is a Sioux Falls guy through and through. He has done a bunch of projects to make Sioux Falls a better place, and he now has a track record of making large-scale murals in our downtown. We couldn’t think of anyone better than Walter to tackle this project.- Matt Paulson

Portz also used artificial intelligence while designing this project which when finished, could be, according to Paulsen, "the largest AI-assisted art installation in the world".

It should take around 3 weeks to complete the mural and could be done early in the fall season.

For more information, see Pigeon 605.

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