Who knew downtown Sioux Falls had so many spooks. Wait, I should probably clarify that statement, I mean, ghosts.

Have you heard about the "Downtown Sioux Falls Haunted Scavenger Hunts" going on this month?

Throughout October, Mitchell Olson, of "Survivor" season 2 fame has been leading teams of people through downtown Sioux Falls on a series of haunted scavenger hunts in search of paranormal activity.

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I guess downtown Sioux Falls has quite the reputation for being a hotbed for paranormal activity. Supposedly it's filled with a number of haunted places.

I heard the Orpheum Theater had a ghost named Larry in it, that has a long history of being somewhat of a prankster since the late 1950s. Evidently, Larry likes to turn on bathroom faucets and flush toilets, among other things. A number of people have had encounters with Larry inside the Orpheum throughout the years.

Michell Olson recently spoke with the gang at Dakota News Now, during the interview, Olson revealed that after doing some research on paranormal activity in the downtown Sioux Falls area, he found out that downtown Sioux Falls actually has 21 different ghosts residing in it.

Ghosts have been reported in places like the elevator bank at the Washington Pavilion, the Harvester Building on East 6th Steet, there's a ghost named Clancy inside Zandbroz on Phillips, and even a ghost that lives in the alley behind Mama Ladas on West 11th that likes to chase people on occasion.

According to Olson, the majority of these downtown Sioux Falls ghosts are friendly, positive energies. Although, it sounds like you don't want to mess with the one in the alley outside of Mama Ladas.

If you fashion yourself as somewhat of a ghosthunter, maybe one of these Downtown Sioux Falls Haunted Scavenger Hunts is for you? They're held from 7:00 to 9:00 PM on Tuesday and Thursday nights in October, with the next one planned for Tuesday night, October 26th.

Tickets are $20.00 per person. Scavenger hunt teams are comprised of six different people. Each team hits the streets of downtown Sioux Falls looking for answers to tricky clues. The team that comes back with the most correct answers is the winner.

Olson says, one of the really fun things about these haunted scavenger hunts is the really cool things you get to see along the journey. You'll learn about all sorts of spooks and ghost stories associated with the downtown Sioux Falls area.

As Ray Parker Jr. would say, "If you ain't afraid of no ghosts" check out Eventbrite.com for complete details and to learn how to sign up.

Source: Dakota News Now

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