The rash of severe weather to hit the state recently has affected the Sioux Empire in so many ways it's almost too hard to imagine.

Be it through the sheer devastation of property, the displacing of people and families from their homes, the loss of personal items and treasured possessions, work stoppages, the list goes on and on.

Another area that doesn't come immediately to mind, but something that has definitely taken a hit as a result of the recent round of tornadoes and flooding is the depletion of the Food Pantry here in Sioux Falls.

KDLT TV is reporting the Feeding South Dakota food pantry is running desperately low on items at the moment. The severe storms to smack the Sioux Empire have created food shortages at the pantry. A lot of people were without power for extended periods after the storms hit. Refrigerators and freezers stopped working or were destroyed. Food items, like meat, and other perishable items spoiled and needed to be thrown away. The result left the food pantry with more visitors and shortages they typically do not experience, this early in the year.

Jennifer Stensaas, Feeding South Dakota marketing, and communications coordinator told KDLT, the need for food donations and food drives has started a little earlier this year because of the extra demand.

The pantries of Feeding South Dakota still have food available, just not a wide variety of items to hand out.

That's why Stensaas wants to remind residents and businesses here in the Sioux Empire that Feeding South Dakota always accepts donations any time of the year, but, especially now, given the current situation the severe weather has placed us in.

Get more information on how you can help here.

Source: KDLT TV


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