If you've never been to the Perry Nature Area in eastern Sioux Falls you should make it a destination. The Perry Nature Area is just east of Willow Run Golf Course next to the Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum.

Minnehahacounty.org describes The Perry Nature Area as “encompasses 23 acres of diverse ecosystems, including woodlands, upland grasslands, and riparian areas, and is home to a wide variety of native plants and numerous species of wildlife. In addition to these natural features, the area is linked to a rich cultural history.”

The nature area is in the site of the former city of “East Sioux Falls”. East Sioux Falls was a city established in 1876 as a result of jobs created by the mining of pink quartzite. The pick rock was used to build many structures including many that still stand in Sioux Falls today.

When the demand for quartzite went away so did the city of East Sioux Falls. What remains is a great nature area with nice trails and spaces perfect for social distancing.

The Perry Nature Area

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