The list of people with money left to spend this December, could be a short one, but that being said, if you actually need some of these items, or you have significant gift-shopping left to do, you could save substantially on them right now.

Consumer Reports keeps an eye on best buys throughout the year and these are some of their gift suggestions for December:

  • Cordless drills - These come with a lot of options and configurations, so make sure you get the right tool for the job and the person
  • Smartwatches - Can range from around $300 to $1500 and take note of battery life and features which are wanted or needed
  • Tablets - Take into account who will be using it, size and features desired and price range (anywhere from $200 to $400) you want to spend and you should find some decent deals
  • Headphones - This gift favorite can almost always be found discounted at this time of year. Again, there are so many options, features and styles, it is a matter of doing your homework and then getting a good pair of headphones with decent sound quality without the over-the-top price.

You can find more great gift ideas for deeply discounted prices this month at Consumer Reports.

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