It may seem like the ultimate contradiction- -a waterpark closing down on a super hot summer day. In reality, it is a truly conscientious thing to do, for your patrons and your employees.

That is the decision that Wild Water West Waterpark made last night (Tuesday, July 27) when they closed down early and will again stay closed today (Wednesday, July 28) due to our extreme heat conditions.

Wild Water West took to their Facebook page to let their customers know that they would be considering everyone's safety and that included their staff by closing their doors.

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The responses to the Wild Water West Facebook post, overall, were very supportive, but there were a few people doubting the judgment of a watery venue closing its doors on a hot summer day.

There is no question that the water is cool within the park, but with lots of bodies, strong currents (within some features), and heat & humidity, the danger and stress level for the staff triples.

What might have been a regular workday in the sun, can turn into a dangerous situation for park visitors and lifeguards. So the decision to shut down makes sense.

Wild Water West is not alone in this kind of thinking, either. Arnold's Park in Iowa has also made the decision to close.

Choosing people over profits may not always be a popular decision, but it would be nice if it happened a little more often.

You can find more information at Wild Water West online and on Facebook.

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