I've heard people in Minnesota, Iowa, and South Dakota say that Kwik Trip is not just a gas station, it's a way of life. This professional singer must really agree.

There are over 800 Kwik Trip and Kwik Star stores across Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa, with 3 stores scheduled to open soon in South Dakota.

The Wisconsin-based chain has amassed a big following of loyal customers across the nation.

Country music artist Dan Lepien must really love Kwik Trip because he went to the effort of releasing a new song called “God Bless Kwik Trip”.

Dan Lepien is a Nashville recording artist from Sauk City, Wisconsin and lots of folks appear to enjoy his Kwik Trip song, check out some of the comments...

Delaney Kelderhouse: As a kwik trip employee, I approve this message! We had a whole conversation over our walkies this morning about this song.

Erik Rosenquist: God bless Dan Lepien for this perfect song! Kwik Trip is the finest convenience store ever.

rubby fireflower: My boss just played this at our store meeting all of us were jamming out lol I love working for kwik trip.

Vera Russell: It's Kwik Star in Iowa. But as an employee, I love this song!

Mr2010forgeben: This is the most unapologetically midwestern thing I've ever heard.

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