Not only is July's full moon being called the "Buck Moon", but according to skywatchers at Thrillist and Farmer's Almanac, it is also the first supermoon of this year.

The name Buck Moon is derived from the time of year when deer antlers are in full growth after having shed them in the spring. Like just about every other full moon it also has a couple of different handles, like "Salmon Moon" or "Thunder Moon", too.

What makes this full moon extra special is that supermoon designation. Supermoons not only appear closer but are much brighter than a regular full moon. The reason for this is that the moon's orbit is bringing it closer to our blue planet.

If our forecast holds true for Sunday, July 2 through Monday, July 3, we should get a decent view of the upcoming supermoon event. At this point, our forecast is calling for mostly clear skies.

Moonwatching experts at Farmer's Almanac recommend going outside right before sunrise on Monday, July 3, (around 6:39 AM our time) and facing the western horizon for an amazing view of the July Buck/Supermoon!

Sources: Thrillist and Farmer's Almanac

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