It is an age-old question: can kindness be taught? After much reading on the subject, I've come to the conclusion that there is no indisputable answer. So I will leave that discussion to sociologists and anthropologists.

What I am sure of is that some children, for whatever reason, have extraordinary capacity for kindness and empathy. They can imagine living a life less wonderful than the one they are and want to help others achieve a modicum of the happiness they have.

It was just this sort of child who came up with the idea for EmBe's Camp Changemaker, which has now become a reality! Camp Changemaker was created for middle schoolers, to give them the chance to learn about how important non-profit charities and organizations are.

During camp they'll learn about the purpose of a non-profit, how they operate, who they serve and how they can share their passions and talents with one that reflects their aspirations. They will also visit non-profits in the Sioux Falls area and do hands-on projects. Finally, campers have the opportunity to create their own non-profit, decide its mission and how to implement it.

So back to the question; can kindness be taught? Maybe. Maybe not. But if you have a child who has this quality and wants to learn how to put it into action in the wider world, register them for EmBe's Camp Changemaker.

It is coming up August 1 through 3 (2017), from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM at EmBe downtown (300 West 11th Street). Cost of participation is around $80, (tax included) but scholarships are available for kids who wants to participate, but don't have the fee. Camp participation is limited 14, so hurry and register your child!

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