Next time you get a craving for an alligator burger, some gumbo, or anything else Cajun, there's a relatively new restaurant here in the Sioux Empire to try, and it's only a little over an hour south of Sioux Falls.

Allow me to introduce you to Café Louisiana in Yankton.

If you've dined there already, then there's a good chance you're very familiar with their southern-style cuisine. If you haven't stumbled across this little South Dakota secret yet, then it's road trip time.

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Café Louisiana owner Zachary Fournet and his wife Leah's South Dakota journey began as the result of a throw of a dart. Fournet told Dakota News Now while living in Louisiana, the couple hung a geographical map up on the wall, threw a dart, and it landed on Yankton.

The Fournet's have always had a dream of starting a restaurant together. Their goal was to bring traditional Southern flavors to a region of the country that perhaps wasn't overly familiar with that particular style of cooking.

As Fournet told Dakota News Now, after arriving in South Dakota, he, and Leah began working at a factory in an effort to save money. They worked and worked and fortunately were able to save up enough money to finally open Café Louisiana about two years ago.

Now instead of factory jobs, their days involve serving up homecooked meals to hungry  South Dakotans with a smile.

When you visit Café Louisiana, there's a good chance you might run across a southern-style theme like Red Beans and Rice on Monday's for instance. The Fournet's have built Louisiana-style traditions into their menu, according to Dakota News Now.

I have yet to visit Café Louisiana myself, but, intend to make it one of my weekend plans very soon.

If you're craving a little fresh-cooked, born and bred Cajun food yourself, Café Louisiana can be found at 2007 South Broadway in Yankton.

See what else Café Louisiana has to offer here.

Source: Dakota News Now

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