The list of South Dakota politicians announcing re-election is growing. Governor Kristi Noem announced her re-election run back in November of 2021.

Senator John Thune after much thought announced his intent to run for another term on January 1, 2022.

Today, Monday, January 31, Representative Dusty Johnson announced he is seeking another term (his third) in the House of Representatives.

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In a press release from his campaign committee, Johnson was quoted saying,

I promised South Dakota two things when I ran for this seat:  I’d be a conservative and I’d get things done,” said Johnson. “I’ve kept my promises, and that’s why I’m the right person to continue fighting for South Dakota in the U.S. House.

Johnson will have a challenger in the primary in the person of South Dakota State Representative and small business owner Taffy Howard. Democrats have not announced any candidates at this point.

There is a major disparity in the campaign funds at the disposal of Howard and Johnson. Howard's war chest is rumored to have about $114 thousand and Representative Johnson has around $2 million.

Johnson has been quoted many times referring to himself as a

Workhorse, not a showhorse.

This is in reference to the toxic political atmosphere he finds himself part of and the slow pace of accomplishing anything in Washington.

Here in South Dakota, Democratic State Representative Jamie Smith is expected to announce his plan to run for governor. Smith is currently a realtor for Hegg Realtors here in Sioux Falls and will face a run-off with fellow Democrat Barry Hulse from Vermillion.

I guess you could say that "mid-term" mania is gearing up.

Sources: Dakota News Now and Dusty Johnson for Congress

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