I don't know about you, but even with central air at my house, I can't survive without a dehumidifier, (if only to keep up with the water seeping through the cinder block basement walls). So if like me, humidity drives you insane, Consumer Reports has a list of appliances (including dehumidifiers) on deep discount in July, which could make the rest of your summer a bit more bearable.

  • Dehumidifiers - If you're replacing an old one, you'll probably see a savings due to all of them having to comply with federal energy standards. The larger and damper the space, the more capacity you're likely to need. But a higher price doesn't necessarily mean better, so shop around.
  • Gas grills - Maybe you thought the old one would make it through the season, but you grilled up a storm over the last two months and it bit the dirt. Now's the time to look for a new one. Check the construction, the sturdier, the better. Also check for a warranty on the burners.
  • Washers & dryers - This is a good month to upgrade to something newer, more efficient and maybe with more capacity.
  • Freezers - Where else can you store all those popsicles and Margarita mix, especially if the freezer attached to your fridge is already stuffed?

For more information on year-round best buys, check out Consumer Reports.

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