We have a lot of great Mexican restaurants in Sioux Falls, Jacky's (they call it Guatemalan style and it is my personal favorite), Puerto Vallarta, Inca, and the list goes on. For a fast Mexican fix, I must have Taco John's and no other! I'm pretty sure everyone in the city has their favorites too.

What I'm wondering is, why, when these food magazines and websites put out their "best of" lists, do they quite often bypass Sioux Falls food havens and choose Rapid City restaurants instead. Are they really better?

According to Love Food, another foodie website (with articles, recipes, news and more), Sabor A Mexican Restaurante in Rapid City is the best Mexican eatery in South Dakota. Their fans reportedly "rave about Sabor's enchiladas, fish tacos, pork tacos, chicken mole, sopes and tamales!"

Here is my recommendation for what you should try at Jacky's next time you're craving delicious Mexican food. Have the Shrimp Wet Burrito. It is a lovely tortilla filled to the max with big shrimp which have been seasoned and grilled first, then mixed with rice and other goodies and loaded into the tortilla. It is then covered with a cheese sauce from heaven and served with spicy pickles, sour cream, tomatoes and lettuce.

And don't forget the Mango Margarita. It is a must!

In all likelihood, you'll end up taking leftovers with you, as you waddle out the door, but that just means you can enjoy it again for lunch the next day.

Source: Love Food

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