I always wonder how the people who write these articles about "the best" of everything compile their evidentiary material. I'll go right ahead and assume they have either traveled to these places, or have gotten secondhand information from people who have.

Maybe people living in these locations answered the call for information and suggestions. Who knows? In any case perhaps Pure Wow (a lifestyle, travel, how-to, etc. website) hit the nail on the head when they selected the Best Halloween celebration in each state. Or, maybe not.

Here in South Dakota the event they chose was "Deadweird" in Deadwood on Friday and Saturday, October 27 and 28. There is a Monster Ball on Friday and huge costume contest on Saturday, as well as tours at the historic and haunted Addams Victorian House. For more information checkout Deadwood events online.

The best Halloween celebration in Iowa is supposedly the Halloween Parade and Carnival in downtown Iowa City. Finally, in Minnesota the attraction chosen as the best for Halloween is "Scream Town" in Chaska. This is event is described as 8 truly scary experiences done completely in the dark and only people 12 and up are allowed.

I'm fairly certain residents of all three states would protest these selections, but I'm also sure those chosen are plenty "Halloweenie".

If you'd like to check out the best Halloween celebration in each state according to Pure Wow go to their website.

Source: Pure Wow

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