Saturday, August 26th is National Dog Day and in celebration of all things four-footed, furry, and canine - Livability has chosen the best cities in each state to visit with your dog.

Livability is a lifestyle and travel website with insight into great places and spaces of all kinds across the country.

For this story, we looked at their choices for the best pup-friendly city in our tri-state area.


Minneapolis is so dog-friendly that much like Sioux Falls, they put on their own dog festival, the Linden Hills Woofstock. This year the canine crazy event is on Saturday, September 9, from 11 AM to 4 PM. In addition, the Minneapolis area boasts at least 4 sizable dog park areas.


Cedar Rapids is the Fido-friendly city they chose in Iowa. It didn't hurt that Cheyenne Park has 14 acres of fenced recreation area, or that the Indian Creek Nature Center has 5 miles of trails you can share with your fur kid (on a leash of course).

South Dakota

Sioux Falls was the city that Livability chose for our state, but they barely touched on just how dog-friendly our city is! Numerous venues in downtown Sioux Falls and beyond are dog-oriented. Plus, we have Spencer Park, Kirby Dog Park at Fort Sod, Family Park Dog Park, and Lien Park, to name a few.

Not to mention all of the 20-plus miles of the bike trail are also a great place to walk your pup on a leash. And this is just skimming the top of the dog-friendly list in Sioux Falls. For even more ideas, just check with the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society.

Source: Livability

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