Believe me, I get it, this is not the time of year that you have extra money to buy anything. Or is that just me? The pressure of the upcoming holidays, with gifts to be purchased, cards to be sent (again, probably just me), baking to be done and more, can be intense without an added financial ingredient.

But, and this is a big but, if you absolutely need something, or want something and have the money to buy it, you might as well save a few bucks. As usual Consumer Reports keeps track of this stuff year-round.

They indicate November is a great month for sales on items in general, beginning at Veteran's Day, through Black Friday and including Cyber Monday. Then they have some suggestions for specific items which you could really save on this month.

  • Televisions - They say the average price of these hits bottom on Cyber Monday.
  • Refrigerators - Lots of people coming for the holidays? Fridges are complicated and expensive, so consider what you want and/or need, pay attention to Energy Star ratings and don't be afraid to haggle.
  • Blenders - These can vary from around 30 bucks to over 600, so know what features, number of speeds, and price range you want. (Word to the wise, don't give these as Christmas gifts unless they have been specifically asked for. My buddy Ben gave one to his wife the first year we worked together, and almost needed a colonoscopy so he could return it!)
  • Coffee makers - These also can vary widely in price, so know what you want and shop around.
  • Fitness trackers - Another product whose price bottoms out on Cyber Monday.
  • Camcorders, gas grills and GPS units - are three other products which are also better buys in November

To see the complete report and get haggling and buying tips, check out Consumer Reports.

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