May is a great month for a lot of reasons. You can finally get out into your garden patch in earnest; lilac, irises and tulips abound, every sunny day is a grilling day, and young kids are looking forward to no school, while older kids are looking toward their futures.

If what you're looking for are some great buys on things for sprucing up your home inside and out, May is your month, particularly around Memorial Day, when you could save up to 50% on certain items according to Consumer Reports.

Best buys for May include:

  • Vacuum cleaners - They suggest that even if you're planning to buy online, go to a store, check it out & see if they'll match the online price.
  • Roofing, siding & decking materials- If these big projects are on your "honey-do" list, May is the month to get a break on the materials you'll need to get them done.
  • Exterior paints & wood stains - Raising that curb appeal value and protecting your home's exterior can be a whole lot less expensive this month
  • Room air conditioners - If you need one to boost your coolness quotient in a certain room of your house or your apartment, these go on sale before the really hot weather hits and again when it cools down in the fall.
  • Mattresses - Getting a good night's sleep isn't a joking matter and if you need a new mattress to help you achieve that goal, look to those Memorial Day sales and you could save some major money.
  • Gas grills -  The success of your summer grilling season could depend on the grill you have. Again, if you can hold out for those Memorial Day sales, you could save a lot and maybe get a few more features than you thought possible.

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