People love their cars. Especially the first ones they ever had. But I thought that perhaps a first kiss would be at least as memorable.

A new study says that is not true. It indicated that more people remembered the first car than their first kiss.

So, we asked our Facebook friends, and boy did they tell us!

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Michele Sayre - 1st grade on the merry-go-round. When I later complained about it at the supper table, my dad said - "Just wait when u are 16, you will be wishing he was kissing you! And, he was right!

Lisa Halvorson-Schmidt - I drove a purple gremlin and the driver's door did not open, so I had to go in on the passenger side. My 1st kiss was in kindergarten his name started with an R. What happens in kindergarten stays in kindergarten!

Sandy Buss - First love, first real kiss at 15- my husband.

Laura Sutherland Platt - should I really call you out Brian? I remember both. ‍♀️

Matt Larson - 79 Honda Civic. I still haven’t been kissed!

Tami J Miller - 1st car was a 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ with a 400 big block 4 barrel carb. Man, she was sweet. Wish I still had her. 1st kiss was not so memorable I remember it and with whom it was with, just nothing to brag about. Now my car she loved going fast and doing cookies in parking lots and she was loads of fun drag racing out at the old airport!

Laurie Nelson- Lime green was in about 1975, used, so let's just say it was old.But that first kiss...!

Lisa Dvorak - 1st car was a 2 door Ford Torino Sport. Candy apple red. First kiss? - - Oh I’m not going there it was delicious!

Kelsey Erickson - My first car was a 1982 Mazda 626 (manual transmission) that my parents bought brand-new a few months before I was born. The dash was so cracked we bought a carpeted dash cover for it and it was never without peachy peach air freshener. At the time I was driving that car I would call into the radio station every morning (before school) and talk to the two of you! (We'll be honest, we really loved this one!)

Diana Ingram - My first French kiss, I remember. It was kinda gross. I didn't really like the guy that way. I kinda thought I would try the kiss to see if sparks would fly, but nope. Didn't happen. My first car was my Mom's old car and it was held together with duct tape. Unforgettable!!

Jennifer Scott - My first car was a brown 1976 Plymouth Grand Fury. Classic "grandma car" in perfect shape. I still called it "The Turd Mobile" because of the color.

Peri Shultz
1972 Monte Carlo! Loved that car! Kiss? I'll keep that secret to myself (tee hee)!

Kevin Stene - Made it myself! (He made it out of "leftover decking material & other hardware items to hold everything in place". And yes, he rode it because he was "young & Dumb"!)

Homemade motorcycle
Kevin Stene

See what I mean?  Ask people and they will tell you! Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts with us!

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