It's that time of year when any number of respiratory viruses are looking for homes in human hosts. Sore throats can be one of the results of a virus landing in your respiratory system.

But you could also be suffering with a sore throat caused by all the dry air you're breathing in too.

Whatever the cause, most of us try to find a way to relieve our sore throats with everything from lozenges to mouthwash to the latest viral trends.

Unlike some of the weird stuff you'll see out there for sore throat relief, there is one thing that is going viral which actually has some science to back it up. That is eating pickles or drinking pickle juice.

Why does pickle juice soothe a sore throat?

According to an article on, pickle juice can help soothe a sore throat because of the salt and vinegar that are its main ingredients. Any fluid that has a higher concentration than your body fluids can reduce pain and swelling by drawing out water from your tissues.

Pickles and pickle juice also have infection-fighting antioxidants, probiotics that are good for your gut health, and electrolytes that help keep your blood sugar from spiking.

So the next time you feel that familiar tickle, or that full-blown fiery feeling at the back of your throat, maybe grab a pickle or a glass of pickle juice to gargle.

Scientists do suggest you gargle the fluid and not drink it in large quantities, however.

I'm thinking maybe a pickle cocktail of some sort could do the trick too, with just a bit of pickle juice as one of the ingredients!


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