Canaries? Skyforce? Stampede? Any Sioux Falls sports teams willing to jump on the "Beer Button?"

I don’t always search for beer stories but sometimes they just jump out and find me. And here’s a great one if you love attending sporting events. More and more stadiums – not just pro stadiums but minor-league stadiums -  are making it a lot easier to get an ice cold beer delivered right to your seat. Some teams are now putting a 'Beer Button' on their app. So find your sports team and download their app and some will have a beer button right on the front.

Here's the skinny: when you’re in the arena or stadium simply input your seat number and your credit card information and then every time you’re thirsty simply hit the nice and shiny 'Beer Button' and that will result in a special delivery right to your seats.

No more handing your money down a big row of people and expecting all that change to come back to you. No more doing the fan shuffle past 14 other people to get to the aisle, climb all the steps, and right when you get to the counter you are assuredly missing that game-changing grand slam and that sinking feeling you just missed it. Now you can stay in your seat the entire game.

Of course, we haven’t solved the "Great. Now I have to pee" issue. Yet. But I’m sure technology is just around the corner for that too.



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