You may have heard or seen something about a group of 12 people running across our state last year. You probably thought that was a major accomplishment. And you would be right, in more ways than one!

The 437 Project was conceived as a way to shine a light on mental and physical health in our state, and the important connection between them. It also became a major fundraiser for the Helpline Center, the only accredited suicide crisis center in South Dakota.

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Last year's statewide crossing raised over $250,000 for the Helpline Center. The Helpline Center answers calls about mental health and suicide prevention on the 988 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

With the funds raised, the Helpline Center was able to bring in a national speaker who shared her very personal story of recovery and hope after being a suicide attempt survivor.

Emma Benoit made personal appearances in communities across South Dakota spreading messages of hope and resilience around mental health.

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This year's runners will once again begin on the west side of South Dakota and journey relay style across the state. The adventure begins on Thursday, September 19,  2024.

These community leaders from across South Dakota will be running:

  • John Meyer | Founder of Leadmore, Director of Leadership South Dakota | Sioux Falls
  • Lisa Larson | Office Manager, Dobesh Chiropractic | Mitchell
  • Betsy Schuster | Vice President of Program Development, The Helpline Center | Sioux Falls
  • Carmen Peterson | Director of Radiology and Clinical Informatics, Philip Health Services | Philip
  • Dan Santella | Journalist, KELOLAND News | Sioux Falls
  • Dawn Marie Johnson | Independent Nonprofit Consultant, Sioux Falls School District Board Member | Sioux Falls
  • Dr. Jonathan Buchanan | Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician, Avera Orthopedics | Sioux Falls
  • Jessica Rumpca | Family Nurse Practitioner, Avera | Pierre
  • Lexie Warejcka | Labor Program Specialist, Department of Labor and Regulation | Platte
  • Mark Scharnberg | Chief Financial Officer, Vance Thompson Vision | Sioux Falls
  • Martin Wennblom | North Middle School Teacher, Rapid City Area Schools | Rapid City
  • Susan Kornder | Executive Director, Northeastern Mental Health Center | Aberdeen

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You can find more information on The 437 Project online and on Facebook.

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