"We'd like to share a heartwarming story with our community ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday," the Natrona County, Wyoming Sheriff's Office said on Facebook.
Dispatchers at the Casper Public Safety Communications Center tell a story about a heroic big brother's first day on the job.
In late September, a very pregnant Natrona County named Courtney was at home with only her 13-year-old son when she went into labor.
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"At just 13-years-old he acted quickly and without hesitation in helping his Mom"
Courtney called for help. Deputy Beall was dispatched to help. As he was on his way there, dispatch sent word that the baby had been delivered. The deputy arrived to find everyone appeared okay.
While EMS checked everyone out, Deputy Beall discovered that Courtney's 13-year-old son Luke had in fact delivered his breech baby sister.

The mother was expecting to give birth later that week due to the complications, but little sister wasn’t waiting.
"Deputy Beall recognized Luke’s efforts as brave and heroic. At just 13-years-old he acted quickly and without hesitation in helping his Mom, and ensured that they were comfortable until Deputy Beall and EMS arrived" said the post.
Luke was presented with the Sheriff's Office patch and challenge coins to forever remember this significant event in his life.

Hero Big Brother Helps Deliver His New Baby Sister

"Luke was incredibly brave," said Deputy Beall. "He stepped up out of intuition to help his mom and baby sister. I'm extremely impressed with how calm and organized he was that night. To bring a sibling into the world is so special, it's truly remarkable."
Luke shared with us that he knew it was what he needed to do for his mother and baby sister, and he feels he will share a special bond with Michaela forever.
Fortunately, this unexpected emergency had a very happy ending and has become a story that everyone involved will remember forever.

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