Feeding South Dakota works 12 months a year to get food to hungry South Dakotans. They have to. The numbers of hungry or "food insecure" people in our state are still staggering. The United States Department of Agriculture uses the term "food insecurity" as a reference to the lack of access to food, in particular, nutritional food.

Over 106,000 South Dakotans are at risk, daily, of going hungry. 68% of the families who rely on Feeding South Dakota must choose between buying food or paying utilities. 60% of them have sold personal property for grocery money. 72% buy less expensive and also less nutritional or healthy food to stretch their food budgets.

The statistics are as numerous as the reasons why, but the bottom line is, there are many people in our state who through no fault of their own don't have access to enough food. That is where the rest of us and Feeding South Dakota comes in.

September is Hunger Action Month and there are so many ways for people to help their hungry friends and neighbors. You can find tons of information on their website, even a "30 Days in 30 Ways" calendar with great ideas to raise donations and awareness, and of course, follow them on Facebook.


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