Aren't there just some foods you wouldn't trust buying in a gas station? Would you buy a shrimp dinner at your local Minnesota or Iowa Kwik Trip?

There are over 800 Kwik Trip and Kwik Star stores in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

Kwik Trip via Facebook
Kwik Trip via Facebook

If you've ever been in a Kwik Trip store you know they offer much more than just gas and a place to use the bathroom.

But would you eat gas station seafood?

Kwik Trip just added Hot Buttered Batter Shrimp in a box to their menu.

Kwik Trip then posted a question on their Facebook page...”Y'all really trusting gas station shrimp?”

Kwik Trip via Facebook
Kwik Trip via Facebook

And judging by some of the comments folks left on the page they must be doing something right...

Sue Swackhamer: I had some the other night. They were delicious.

Victoria Kloppenburg: Yes, it's Kwik Trip! Good prepared food! Always fresh!

Bret Bunderson: Small roller dogs and shrimp...yes please.

Pat Hohlman: Next thing we will try. Ribs..great. Bacon...great. Cheese Lasagna ... great. Corn dogs.... great.

Chris Berg: I love shrimp and Kwik Trip/ Kwik Star has great gas station food. I would not mind trying this.

Clint Shellenberger: Never gotten sick from any KT food so yeah...I'll trust gas station shellfish if it's yours

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