Next time you pull a bonehead move and accidentally cut someone else off in traffic, that person in the car next to you making assorted hand gestures, yelling, screaming and calling you everything in the world but a christian, might just be a woman.

Women are more likely to swear when they're driving than men according to a new survey from Direct Line Car Insurance.

48% of women admit to using bad language behind the wheel, compared to 40% of men.

The study revealed revealed the younger generation were far more likely to use expletives than the older generation. Over half 58% of those aged 20-29 swore when behind the wheel, compared with just 15 per cent of those aged 40-49.

So what are the top excuses that cause a women to sound like a drunken sailor on the highway?

  • The GPS:  55% of people who use one say they've sworn at it.
  • Getting cut off by another driver.
  • People who don't use their turn signal when turning or changing lanes.
  • People who talk on their cell phone while driving.
  • Someone driving slow in the fast lane.  This by the way, is the only thing that MEN were more likely to swear about than women.  15% of men mentioned it . . . while only 7% of women did.

Hey, don't sweat the swearing news gals. A friend once told me, if you don't swear while driving, you're not paying attention to the road. Which means women must really be better drivers than men!

Feel free to use that excuse ladies.

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