We've officially found the worst NFL fan of all time.

Watch as a woman, who is a fan of the Las Vegas Raiders, antagonizes a fan of the New England Patriots.

The game last weekend was played in Las Vegas and this "fan" made it clear that the opposing fan(s) were in "her house".

The Patriots fan, who is simply there to watch and cheer for his team, never really acknowledges this woman while she gets into his personal space and even at times in his face.


We've often heard that Raiders fans are a lot to deal with, but this fan is on another level and is actually an embarrassment for the Raiders fan base.

The woman is with a man who attempts to stop her at times, but you can tell that this Raiders fan was determined to not be very welcoming.

Many on social media are applauding the Patriots fan for keeping his cool while this woman spoiled his game-day experience. Honestly, I don't know how he maintained his cool here, but the man never really took the "bait".

Check out this terrible fan below and ask yourself what you'd have done had you been in this man's shoes.


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